Alpha X Design is a leader in providing custom mechanical product design, project management and engineering services. We listen to our clients to learn about their unique situation and focus on providing services that bring solutions. A level of excellence is consistently delivered, from initial customer consultation and project planning to final design.


Alpha X Design offers mechanical product design solutions for:

  • Plastic Product Development
  • Hand Held Electronic Packaging & Enclosures
  • Medical Products (MRI formers, laboratory plastics, etc.)
  • Radio and Antenna integration with Electronic Enclosures (WI-FI, UWB, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth)
  • Gaming Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Sheet Metal Products
  • Machined Components
  • Cost Reduction of current products


Alpha X Design is committed to providing the best quality of product design services. Customer satisfaction is maintained through "on time" delivery of services and maintining a constant channel of communication.

Contact Mike Gallo for more information or a quotation.